Using ModelView - Part 1: Selecting a Model

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This is part of the tutorial series Using ModelView.

ModelView is the main tool for viewing, comparing, editing and testing your models. There are a number of different ways to select a model for viewing:

  1. Private RAST annotated genome: If you uploaded your genome to the RAST Annotation Server, select the genome from the list of completed jobs and select "view model". This wil open the ModelView page with your model selected. Alternatively, you can open ModelView and click the "User Models" tab. From here select your private model from the table.
  2. Publicly available models: We provide hundreds of publicly available models---both Model SEED generated models and models from the literature. If you know what model or organism you are looking for, type it into the box under the "Selected models and FBA". Otherwise, you can see all publicly available models under the "Model statistics/select" tab.

Continue on to Part 2: Viewing Model Details.

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