Upcoming Tutorials

On Aug 31 - Sept 2 we held a tutorial on use of the SEED servers, RAST, and myRAST to annotate genomes, formulate metabolic reconstructions, and model metabolic networks.  We think that it went pretty well.  Links to the presentations used can be found here.  We will use basically the same agenda on the four more classes that are now scheduled. These tutorials will be offered at Argonne National Laboratory on the following dates: 

·        Oct 4-6 (Now full)

·       Oct 25-27

·       Nov 1-3

·       Nov 15-17

If you are interested in attending any of these tutorials, please send a note to rast-tutorial@lists.mcs.anl.gov specifying the dates of interest (Oct 25-27, Nov 1-3 or Nov 15-17).