Monitoring Your Job's Progress

RAST: Monitoring and Sharing Your Job

Monitoring Your Job's Progress

Clicking on "View job status" will allow you to monitor the progress of your job. (You can also click on the "status page" link or the "Jobs Overview" item in the "Your Jobs" menu to see all your jobs, then select "View details" for the job you want to check):

From this page, using the "Manage Job" menu, you can compare your genome to other genomes once it is completed, or delete your job when you no longer need it. Using the "Your Jobs" menu, you can get the overview of the status of all your jobs, upload a new job, or set your job preferences:

Sharing Your Job

When your job is completed, in addition to downloading RAST's analysis, you can choose to share the analysis with selected users, with members of a defined group of collaborators, or with guest users: