The SEED and the P-SEED

A description of the SEED project can be found here. A description of the FIG organization can be found here.



A SEED is an integration of genomic, expression, regulatory and modeling data constructed using the tools provided by the SEED Project.

Annotator's SEED (A-SEED)

The A-SEED is a copy of the SEED used cooperatively by an international ggroup of researchers to annotate genomic data by constructing subsystems. This copy of the SEED embodies the core of the SEED annotation effort. It contains a representative set of about 1000 genomes.


The P-SEED contains all of the complete genomes deposited to Genbank. It is used to support the PATRIC database, which is supported by NIH to facilitate research on microbial pathogens. 

For a detailed and somewhat technical description of how the annotations and FIGfams are updated, see The Update Protocol for Maintenance of Annotations.