Find Gene Function

Given a set of protein-encoding genes, one might wish to retrieve the assigned function for each gene. This command takes as input a single column table of gene ids and returns a tab-separated two column table of gene id and function.

svr_function_of < table_of_gene_ids

Note that this script uses stdin and stdout and is designed to be part of a processing pipeline.

The code for this server is here. The man page is here.

Here is an example of running this command:

> svr_all_features 3702.1 peg | svr_function_of
fig|3702.1.peg.1 photosystem II protein D1 (PsbA)
fig|3702.1.peg.2 maturase
fig|3702.1.peg.3 SSU ribosomal protein S16p, chloroplast
fig|3702.1.peg.4 Photosystem II protein PsbK
fig|3702.1.peg.5 Photosystem II protein PsbI
fig|3702.1.peg.6 ATP synthase alpha chain (EC
fig|3702.1.peg.7 ATP synthase CF0 B chain
fig|3702.1.peg.8 ATP synthase C chain (EC
fig|3702.1.peg.9 ATP synthase CF0 A chain
fig|3702.1.peg.10 SSU ribosomal protein S2p (SAe), chloroplast
fig|3702.1.peg.11 DNA-directed RNA polymerase delta (= beta'') subunit (EC, chloroplast
fig|3702.1.peg.12 DNA-directed RNA polymerase gamma subunit (EC, chloroplast
fig|3702.1.peg.13 DNA-directed RNA polymerase beta subunit (EC, chloroplast
fig|3702.1.peg.14 Cytochrome b6-f complex subunit VIII (PetN)
fig|3702.1.peg.15 Photosystem II protein PsbM