Downloading and Checking Results

RAST: Downloading and Checking Results

Downloading Your Finished Job

In addition to browsing your completed job using the SEED-Viewer, you can download your completed job in a number of common formats, e.g., GenBank, EMBL, etc. The "Genome directory" format will download a compressed tarfile of the RAST output directory, which may then be unpacked and operated on by various SVR tools:

Comparing Your RAST Job to the Original RefSeq Calls

If you downloaded your genome from GenBank or RefSeq, you may wish to compare RAST's calls to the The SVR toolkit packaged in "myRAST" contains tools that will allow you to compare RAST's calls to the original GenBank or RefSeq calls:

svr_genbank_to_table  Original.gbk >

svr_seed_to_table     RAST_OutputDir  >

svr_compare_feature_tables >

svr_tab2html '' < > Comparison.html

The result will be a table that looks something like this.